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09-25-2012, 03:20 PM
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Originally Posted by SUBdrewgANS View Post
Ducks were better off with the Rangers Ryan deal.

IMO I think that deal should've still went through.. as it was already "confirmed" it was as if that trade was already made, and it would've been if the game was out then. Just because a new GM took over shouldn't negate the trade.. If a GM gets fired in real life, the new GM can't reverse a trade because he didn't agree with the last GM's decision making.

Lets analyze this deal with just age for a minute

Vrbata 31
Torres 30
Runblad 22
Michalek 29
Doan 35
Gormley 20


Fowler 20
Etem 20
Ryan 25
Sbisa 22

You traded 4 players total, all young pieces all with good or decent potential


4 aging players who have reached their peak or close to it
and 2 young players with good potential

Now lets look at the Rangers deal:

Ryan 25


Girardi 28
Bickel 25
Kreider 21

Here you get a good defensemen in Girardi, a depth defensemen in Bickel, and a young player with crazy potential in Kreider..
Kreider is terrible in this game and gets waved every other GM mode I play. Girardi is under-represented in this game, and Bickel is slow as molasses.

Rundblad FOR Fowler (both go up to like 85 overall by season two, and Fowler is actually slower)

Spisa was a bit of a steal, but worse overall than Michalek.

Doan, Vrbata, Torres, Gormley, 1st FOR Ryan

We can't force people to make trades that they never agreed to. That isn't fair for Stokey. And besides, I gave up half of my team on these deals. I'm going to suck for a season or two here.

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