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Originally Posted by Mika Zibanejad View Post
Reasons why I feel Rielly is a better prospect than 18 year old Nazem Kadri...

1. Skating (Rielly is a better skater than most hockey players.)

2. Rielly is about 6'0 and 200 pounds at 18 years old. Kadri is 21 and has yet to hit 200 pounds. The difference in physical maturation is undeniable.

3. Nazem Kadri has tremendous offensive skill but a case can be made that Rielly is equally as skilled but as a defenceman.

4. Rielly has very few question marks in his game. Kadri had a couple.

5. He missed his entire draft year to an injury and still managed to go 5th overall. Much like Galchenyuk, this says a lot about how their talent level is viewed by scouts and those who have watched them develop over the years.
1 and 2 are only really your only points that differentiates them. Rielly's offensive skill at this point is really only thought to be at a certain level. Being injured is a huge issue for that.

Secondly, Kadri suffered an injury that season and still went 7th. Yeah draft pedigree is a nice thing but it's hardly an argument for why a prospect is better than another prospect taken in another draft. Draft's are inherently different. One could be deeper than the other, have more forward talent or defensive talent, or teams could do different things. It's not a good argument for why a player is better than another. Is Rielly an equal prospect to Schenn at 18?

So skating and size. Meh, I guess I could see an argument but it's not exactly strong. Both are blue chippers. Both are incredible offensive players. One just happens to be older than the other and taking a licking since he hasn't made the NHL yet by some arbitrarily chosen date by the masses.

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