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09-25-2012, 05:37 PM
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Originally Posted by WantEggRoll View Post
I don't know I thought the NHL13 highlights were pretty a funny way to try to fill time. Sure it isn't outstanding, but at least they are trying to do something with their time. The station basically focuses on hockey and there is no hockey, so really don't know what you are expecting out of them.
Had to go to the Maritimes for an emergency the past week so tuned into radio on the Quebec and other sides while there.

The Montreal station has "Amateurs de Sports" from around 6-8:30 then another sports show from 8:30-? They talked about a TON of stuff, from Hockey News rankings to the lockout to NFL referees to junior hockey to where local NHL players were going to whether NHL goalies got worse with lower competition overseas. They even had a good 15 minute segment when they talked about the Senators, Latendresse being a Sen and all that. Was crazy.

York and Lloyd are still ok but as Ohhh Franco said they are perfect in the afternoon.
As annoying as Versage was, he was pretty good in the morning slot with Marcotte. Hell, Simpson and Gross in the morning would be...ok. I'd rather have Versage and Gross or Macramella and someone though. As it is, I sadly have to keep listening to TSN Radio or Montreal Radio for updates and stuff, which is pretty as funny as Ron Fournier can be, heh.

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