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Originally Posted by Kevin27NYI View Post
I know you didn't say that, I'm just still challenging that opinion. I also think what he's doing in the KHL is a joke, that's not the type of fighting I like. I wish he was back over here, doing work in the AHL and maybe seeing a call up or two. I don't blame him for going though, he gets to play with his buddy and probably gets more $$ there. But what he is doing there I don't like.
Problem is, his work here and in the AHL wasn't substantially different from what he's doing in the KHL. Always starting fights with hits from behind/suckerpunches, throwing before the other guy even knows there's a problem, fighting unwilling combatants who weren't in his weight class for no discernable reason etc. His fight card has guys like Jakob Klepis on it. You don't see Colton Orr instigating fights with Marcus Johanssen (which is why he stuck in the NHL and Gillies didn't).


Boarding an unsuspecting player who's on a line change then immediately firing a punch at Godard, who was at the end of his shift

Boogaard knocks him out here, but you'll notice Gillies does not announce to Boogey that they're about to go. He just skates in from a blind spot and suckers him.

This guy gets crushed by two different guys then Gillies just attacks him for no reason.

Gillies, again, boards somebody for no reason away from the play to start this fight (in which he ends up seriously injured)

Haley throws a vicious board on somebody (he could have killed the guy) and in Gillies neanderthal brain that's a reason to kick the legs out from under a guy who didn't want to fight, pin him with his knee and beat him after he's unconscious. He only got a 4 game suspension for this; should have been a year.

Then, of course, there's the time he threw a flying elbow to the back of Eric Tangradi's head, as if that was a way to start a fight, then screamed at the doctor after he was kicked out of the game.

What he's doing in Vityaz is no different than what he's been doing his entire career. Nobody noticed because he never caught on in the big show. Reason he never caught on is because garbage like what he does belongs in Vityaz, not the national hockey league.

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