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Originally Posted by Melrose Munch View Post
Because its a Canadian sport. You're saying this while the Isles have had bad attendance for some time. Granted, I do not care where teams are, but Edmonton has sold out despite being just as bad. They want more teams from a sport they invented. I don't know why (really last time we had 8 teams it was for 4 years and it didn't work). How would you feel if Toronto had an NFL team that was a poor draw? Same thing.
Islanders fans are in hiding. For a long time, most the money didn't even go to the team if we spent it. We're on year 18 of "the Islanders can't compete without a new arena!" so forgive us if we'd rather watch at home and have the ability to flip the channel if we're getting boat-raced 6-0.

Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
Why does hockey have this idea that it needs to be restricted? I, personally, want to have to sport as wide spread as possible, to get as many people hooked as possible, since it is a great game that everybody should be able to enjoy.

I don't feel personally assaulted since some teams in the States are not drawing great right now. How quickly people forget that just a decade ago Canada was coming off losing two teams, with 2 more on life support. Every team goes through highs and lows.

I just don't get this Canada versus US thing at all.
That's how I feel. I don't think hockey's "Failed" in any market ever. Hockey's too freaking awesome to "fail." There's economic circumstances in a variety of markets. Some can be fixed, some weren't fixed or allowed to be fixed. I don't see a difference between someone like Pocklington who almost let the Oilers be bought by Alexander and moved to Houston, and Atlanta Spirit Group who didn't care to retain the Thrashers and basically evicted them. Quebec needed a new arena. If Wang wants out and no one in the NY area wants to buy them and operate them in NVMC or Barclays, they could be in the same boat. Neither market's a failure.

Originally Posted by CREW99AW View Post
Out of 30 teams in MLB, the Blue Jays are ranked 20th in attendance. I couldn't care less. Out of 30 teams in the NBA, the Raptors are ranked 17th in attendance. Again, I couldn't care less. If there was an NFL team in the Toronto area and if drew poorly, I would not care. I'm not saying Edmonton will or should lose their team. I'm saying I will lol at the hypocrates in the Canadian media, who've practically prayed for US teams to fold and be relocated to Canada, who are now outraged by Katz's implied threat.
I agree. It didn't bother me that the Expos drew 4,000. And not because I know Loria ran the team into the ground and it wasn't Montreal's fault.

Baseball's America's pastime. But there's no outrage over the fact that it's more popular in Asia than the US, and the Latin-American countries are BETTER AT IT THAN "WE" ARE.

In trying to see both sides, I suppose the key difference is what's THREATENING. If Major League Baseball had 40 teams, 30 in the US, 5 in Japan and 5 in Latin America, and then teams like Oakland, Pittsburgh, KC, Minnesota, Baltimore, etc starting moving to Guadalajara and Zihuatanejo; I might feel differently. Especially if the CEO of Sony was MLB's commish.

At the same time, though, I think it's important to realize that the failures of the NHL to keep teams put has been "fixed" given the timeline as Bettman realized the power of his office:

MIN, QUE, WIN, HART all moved and were rubber stamped in Bettman's first three years in office.
In the years since, EDM, OTT, PIT, NASH and PHX all had potential moves on the table. All squashed by finding ownership that would stay put (in EDM's case, looking the other way on a consortium), seven-year no relocation clauses, league operating the team for a time, legal battles in PHX, etc.
There was no choice for ATL, who was evicted, and the NHL will have no choice but to approve an Islanders move if they don't have a new home on the horizon once the NVMC runs out.

Because of the intended locations of NASH/PHX, I can understand the perception of anti-Canadian bias. However, given that US teams MIN and HART moved; EDM (Houston) and OTT (Four potential cities*) did not move; PIT to KC was fought just like NASH/PHX to Hamilton; and the continued stance of relocation only as last resort; I don't see a US vs Canada agenda.

I am all for a return to Quebec, a second team in Toronto, Hamilton having their dreams fulfilled. But first I'm in favor of a CBA that works for all of our current teams and creating more new fans of the game.

The NHL would be stupid to not have a blueprint(s) on 32 and 36 teams as part of a 20-year projection, including a variety of potential destinations: QUE, SEA, GTA2, HAM, HOU, MIL, KC, San Antonio, Salt Lake, etc.

* - Las Vegas newspaper: )

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