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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
How can a country own a freaking sport? That doesn't make any sense. We may play it more than other countries, but that does not automatically mean Canada "owns" hockey.....Why does hockey have this idea that it needs to be restricted?
.... sports are supposed to be inclusive as opposed to being exclusive, transcending race, gender, location, provided of course economic & climactic conditions are conducive to participation & or provides the foundations for a successful professional franchise. Hockey is simply an exportable commodity with its primary roots in Canada, whereby we at one time provided close to 100% of all the "product", namely the players, Coaches, GM's & Scouts to the predominantly US based leagues and teams. We no more "own" the sport than does the US "own" football, yet they supply the vast majority of pro's in the NFL & CFL. I think people on either side of the divide simply like to wave the flag a bit, claiming proprietary rights & pride in "their players, their game". I dont have a problem with that. Unfortunately, vocal minorities on both sides do from time-time take it a lot farther than they should. I chalk a lot of it up to just too much testosterone & beer.

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