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09-25-2012, 08:44 PM
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Originally Posted by bigduga View Post
2) cool logos and sweaters are always a plus. I just don't want to "buy the book for the cover" - to borrow a phrase.

3) as buildings go, I kind of dig Val D'or's quirky aluminum shed. And I agree with the suggestion that the logo is awesome.
Oh, it's not just the logo, which is perfect, given the mining (hence 'Foreurs') and forestry that drives the Abitibien economy, it's the uniform set as a whole. The shade of green that they use looks great out on the ice, and it's accented with just enough gold that it's noticeable but still not garish. I'm a bit of a jersey nerd...

The Air Creebec Centre is an interesting blend between an old barn (you can tell that it was built in 1949) and a new (it's recently been renovated). They also have a beautiful new scoreboard, so I bet their video feed would also include the replays that they show up there.

One other note, not that I'm one to run a smear campaign, but you don't want to cheer for the Mooseheads. Are you familiar with what Eric Lindros did? He got drafted by the Québec Nordiques, refused to play for them, and demanded a trade (he got traded to Philadelphia). He did the same thing when he got drafted by Sault Ste. Marie into the O. He had to be traded to Oshawa because he didn't want to be so far from his parents. Well, MacKinnon pulled the same **** with Baie-Comeau when he got drafted into the Q. What if St Louis managed to win the draft lottery when, God forbid, the season is cancelled? They draft MacKinnon, and then he refuses to play for St. Louis. Best not to get too attached.

Also, if you're having any difficulty following French feeds, just take note of particular words or phases that you hear a lot (close approximations will do). I check the junior hockey forums most days, and I'd be happy to help you out. For starters, an excited 'IL COMPTE!' is good if you're listening to your team's feed.

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