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09-25-2012, 09:04 PM
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Originally Posted by BobbyJet View Post
I agree. I want to see Toews sounding off about this team when it's warranted, not about the propaganda he is being fed by the latest player rep. It's called hard ball negotiating and we've seen it before from the owners
I agree. It was such a shame hearing so many of my favorite players spit out meaningless garbage the last two stoppages. It seems the owners are very willing to concede the PR battle because they gain nothing by ripping the players and probably lose money as they become less marketable like last time. The owners have so many things they could say but have chosen not to, I hope the players aren't so blind that they are unable to see that and quickly learn to shut their yaps and twitter accounts when it comes to their opinions on this stuff.

Toews (and the others) are not going to accomplish a damn thing by addressing the media on this issue. He's only going to risk his popularity with the fans, few want to hear him complain (outside of trainwreck appeal).

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