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09-25-2012, 09:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Dblad the Impaler View Post
Eric Lindros also demanded a trade in Junior, then again for Quebec.

Everybody gave Heatley a pass when he demanded a trade in Atlanta and came here, only to demand another trade. Turris foreshadowing?
Bad example.

Originally Posted by Dblad the Impaler View Post
Yeah, I know it's not the same situation. But it does seem like there are at least a few examples of players demanding trades more than once. I'd prefer that Puempel hadn't requested the trade and slogged it out in Peterborough, even if it means his numbers take a bit of a hit.
It's not about his numbers. You're taking a very shortsighted view of this if you think he went to Kitchener so he could score 10-15 more points. There's a list of benefits.

Originally Posted by Dblad the Impaler View Post
If Kadri or any other leaf's prospect was in a similar situation we'd be ripping him a new one and questioning his character.
It's like you're indirectly trying to say Sens fans have no bias or hate? There would be many Sens fans looking to chop a guy like Kadri down....that doesn't make them right on the matter. Besides, Kadri played in Kitchener and London, maybe from the get go he was telling teams like Peterborough "no chance", not suggesting he did but who knows. Puempel gave Peterborough 3 years and had they turned it around, he wouldn't have asked out in all likelihood. Peterborough is a dump for development these days and the Sens probably encouraged this.

You know, if you're team is **** and the environment sucks in the NHL, respectable players will ask out too. Doesn't matter whether it's beer league, junior or the NHL, if your organization is crap, no ones gonna wanna stay.

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