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09-25-2012, 09:56 PM
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Originally Posted by superdeluxe View Post
Lol what kind of logic is this? Katz moving the team here or selling the team to a owner that would move them here doesn't change the fact with what happened with the sonics at all. Watch sonics gate and learn the facts

I don't begrudge the fans of okc, they didn't steal the sonics.
I have seen SonicsGate, actually. And I do think it's a valid comparison, because....

Originally Posted by maruk14 View Post
You would have a point if Hansen or someone else from the team bought the Oilers first, looked everyone in the eye and said their intention was to keep them in Edmonton, then did everything they could to harpoon support, propose a ridiculous arena deal they know will never get any sort of support, then get out of town at the first possible second they could.

The difference is whoever deals with Hansen or NHL owner for Seattle team will know up front that their desire is to move the team to Seattle, not pretend like they want to keep it in the market they bought it from.

Having said all that, the Oilers belong in Edmonton, period.
.... while Bennett certainly acted in a more underhanded fashion in his dealings with Seattle, the fact remains is that he took the team's long-standing fanbase for granted and tossed it all away just because it was more opportune for them. And if Katz does the same thing, then he's in the exact same boat, even if he waited a few more years than Bennett to do such a thing. It's the same reason why I always laugh whenever I hear Baltimore fans still complaining about Indianapolis.

But, it's still a moot point, as for the life of me I just don't see the Oilers leaving Edmonton. It's just a pathetic attempt to make it seem like a relocation is possible to get a few nickles and dimes out of the city. And that, as far as I'm concerned, is almost as bad, as it shows a lack of civic respect for one's home.

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