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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
I agree.

Ok, so the deal is dependant on getting either an NBA or NHL team? Means no shovels until one (or both) is acquired yes? I read there that they anticipate an NBA team first, but if the NHL comes first, they could potentially just shift that right?

An environment review would mostly be a rubberstamp right? As for KCC, I know little of that, sounded like to me most of the major leg work was done.
The original plan back when it was announced was to get both before shovel meets ground. That was unlikely so it was modified to where we get the NBA before shovel meets ground and public financing was modified accordingly. If we get NHL prior to the transfer date the 80m from the county kicks in.

King county council approved the original MOU. Seattle modified it so King county has to re-approve it.

Yes the city could approve to allow the funds to be provided if NHL arrives first. The city and county still have to approve the term sheet and that vote won't take place until after the environmental review/SEPA is done. And depending on how that review goes, it will decide if they give the final approval or not. The initial approval starts the process and allows Hansen to shop for teams.

City/county starts the EIS/SEPA and Hansen starts knocking on the NBA and his partner (TBD) knocking on the NHL door. This buy Seattle a year in shopping for teams while EIS/SEPA is underway. Typically the EIS/SEPA is done first before the proposal is approved thus the 2nd vote. In theory we could already have a NBA team by the time the city/county gives the final approval bar any major setbacks.

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