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Originally Posted by joeminus
How dare you question the validity of the HF Prospect list. Nevermind that they have an ECHL defenseman ranked at the top (simply because he was a first-round pick) five spots ahead of a guy who scored 15 goals in a half-season at the NHL level. Nevermind that they barely found room to list Koshechkin as an "other notable" despite the fact that he stood on his head all season in Russia's top league behind a depleted squad. Nevermind that they listed soulless waste of human flesh Lawrence ahead of guys like Keller and Jones, who scored points at torrid paces in the WHL. Nevermind that they only had Ranger ranked 9th before he suddenly "graduated" because of his stellar play at the NHL level. Nevermind all these things, because Hockey's Future is above reproach, and you should be ashamed of yourself for ever doubting their all-knowing expertise.

But, anyway, yeah. Mihalik's in our top handful of prospects. He'll PROBABLY spend another year in juniors, but anything could happen. The Lightning brass have stated that they're "very pleased" with his first season in North America. I've heard that they think he has an outside shot at challenging for a roster spot next season. (Emphasis on "outside shot," as in it's a possibility but not a likelihood.)
That was constructive. Surprised that prospective writers aren't lining up to take the TBay HF job.

Anyways, your assessment of Lawrence is a little harsh IMO, but we won't know that for sure for several years.(Although if you want to call him a bust within a year of his draft, go ahead. That shows long term thinking.)

Keller and Jones, good seasons for sure, but the trash cans are littered with guys who light up the CHL and can produce at the NHL level. Both have their issues.

As for Egener, he was very highly touted and looked great up until this year had some bumps in the road. I expect a bounce back year from him. But hey, I tell you what, I will mention on the staff board that the HF Tampa bay fans want players ranked by their scoring stats the previous year. I am sure that will make it all better.

You don't think there is a reason that Keller was an either rounder? But nice to see you have faith. You know how many impact 8th rounders there have been since 1997? NONE.(Andrew Ference is the best eighth rounder in the last 10 years.)

There are tons of reasons players get ranked over one another. But thanks for joining in with the chorus of bad mouthers, that think they know hockey.(Not saying you don't but some of those other guys surely don't.)

BTW, Egener was a 2nd rounder.

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