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Originally Posted by Atas2000 View Post
What do Olympics have to do with the KHL??? We are discussing the KHL here.

It makes perfect sense to me. I don't care about the league's plans. I for my part don't want the league to expand further. It's good as it is.

And I don't care about numbers. I don't care how many people in South America use latin letters. I want my home town team to have a home jersey, not a jersey for some international tournament or Olympics. If I visit a country I try to learn at least the simplest words of it's language. It's a respect thing. Who cares about how many ppl speak that language or use this alphabet?

It's not about 'pride'. It's how things should be done if you put some effort into it and not go the easy way because of 'accessibility' and numbers.
I completely understand and agree with you. However I am still in favour of the Latin letters. You make complete sense about the hometeam and wanting to see it in Cryllic, but the fact of the matter is that these teams are not only there for the home town. And the KHL is not only looking to market itself to the hometowns of the teams.

Teams to the likes of Atlant MO have explicitly stated interest in being the ManU of hockey. What do you think Donbass is doing? Trying to satisfy the Donetsk hockey demand? To a certain extent yes, but they are also trying to create a world renound franchise that reaches far beyond the hometown.

The KHL is not profitable with the hometown attendance and support. Medvedev stated even before the creation of the KHL that their revenue model would rely more on selling TV contracts and things of that nature, and for that reason, Latin is essential.

Also from a practical standpoint, the KHL for example also hopes to eventually expand to the far east. How strange would it be to have a match with a team coming out to play with Japanese or Korean names on the jerseys? Even just the home games, I mean people in st Petersburg are still gonna watch televised matches of SKA vs potentially any asian teams. Or should we be biased and force non-Russian teams to be Latin while only the Russian teams remain Cryllic at home?

For these reasons I believe Latin letters are inevitable in a league such as the KHL.

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