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Originally Posted by BenchedGuy View Post
Chose Midensky because we (Rangers) tried to fill a 6th D man position which gets limited minutes outside of the organization instead of trying to develop within.

I get what you are saying, I guess my think is I feel we have wronged the kid in his "potential" development. Was wanting it righted in some way.

I dont know enough of other organizations depth to suggest a place but maybe Young or even Gilbert should have been the start of a package to acquire a shutdown top end D or secondary scoring. I understand that he really doesnt have a place here. He should get the opportunity elsewhere. Midensky was shopped, waived through the league and not picked up. And then finds a spot (for the time being) in the Q with Quebec. I thought it would be nice for Young to have that kind of opportunity.

And without looking, re:Keli Grant, I would think that he received more ice time and a chance than Young did.

First, let me say that I agree 100% with the last two posts by ORYX. Couldn't have said it better myself.

I don't think that Midensky was brought in to fill the 6th d-man position. Actually, bringing Midensky in was more a case of the player impressing our scouting staff at the Tier 2 level and thought signing him as a FA would be a good idea. They did that when they did because other teams were looking at him as well and didn't want to possibly lose him to another team.

It was cheap and worth the shot. He was signed but it didn't work out. easy come, easy go

Rumor had it that Young has been shopped but there haven't been any takers - probably for the reasons ORYX pointed out in his posts. I would assume that he wasn't released/waived because keeping him close with the Dutchmen gives the Rangers an option with OHL playoff experience in the event of injury. Remember, no depth burned us last year in the playoffs more than anything once the injuries mounted.

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