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Originally Posted by Tim Wallach View Post
The puzzling part for me is that Young wasn't good enough to play for us last season or this season, but he was good enough to dress all through the playoffs. That was just odd.

But yes, sometimes the situation has unique circumstances. And as much as Hanes can be hit and miss and Iafrate is likely the better all around player by a fair margin, Hanes is a better fit with Murphy right now. Not at all a risk taker like Iafrate can be and a vet with a stabilizing influence.

Still, I'm not sure Spott feels he has this thing perfectly tuned yet. But he's in a catch-22 where to increase Gilbert's trade value he has to play him more.

It isn't that puzzling at all. He dressed all through the playoffs last year because he was the best option due to injuries - not because he was good enough. If he were good enough, he and Genovese would have seen more icetime than the shift or two a period that they did see.

As far as Hanes goes, he's an OA and very often early in the season this sort of thing happens. The Rangers came into the season with no OA's (I still expect AC in Ranger blue before the year is out). Therefore, before Spott blows his wad on a couple of high end OA's, he is trying the cheaper way out by hoping the inexpensive OA's he has acquired recently can carry the mail. That's why Hanes has been out there pretty much exclusively with Murphy. There's nothing wrong with that. If one or two of these guys prove to be good OA's on what's to be a championship calibre team, then that's great. Then maybe Spott deals for a high end player who's a year younger (another Puempel type deal).

Therefore, in order for the coaching staff to determine whether or not Hanes can fill the hole that Spott wants to fill with an OA d-man (Sol's replacement basically), he has to play. He has to play in that spot and play every game and often. This is still an audition for Hanes and Spott isn't going to give him only a couple games and make his decision. He has time because any high end OA's out there aren't really available at this time of year until teams around the league figure out the type of team they'll be this year.

I agree about Gilbert though. The longer he's out of the lineup, more his trade value decreases. If I'm the GM on the other end of the line, I ask Spott why he's trying to deal me a player who isn't good enough to crack the lineup. This guy has to play some games and soon IMO.

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