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09-26-2012, 01:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Killem Dafoe View Post
All i can say is it's not your fault. At all. Scams like that are geared towards weak minded individuals. If you can't see that a job is not going to ask you to pay money to be employed then you deserve to lose that money. However, if he gets enough idiots to fall for the scam as well, he might actually break even. If your friend is going to jump off a bridge and you tell him not to, and then he does. You tried your best and offered your opinion and advice and he didn't take it. Just say sorry, keep your friendship, and when he loses his money (which 600 bucks for the package? *******.) then you can sit there and smile inside while he says "i know, i know, you told me so." then the next time he will be more likely to listen to your advice.

Basically though, who the **** even does those things anymore?
I know but that's not the worst part for me, after explaining absolutely everything, I know he gets my message but some of the things that he said "Well, it just depends on where you are on the pyramid" "some people make a career from this" "Well, [My friend] is doing really well from this (obviously he's going to say that)" and "Well, how do you explain that I got enough energy to work out for 2 hours?" It haunts me. It haunts me. He's a nice person, lovable person but the stupidity in him sometimes just makes me want to **** a mountain goat up the *** and then get eaten by a mountain lion.

It's like, hey man, I care about you but hey man, stop being an idiot and hey man, I'm having to be a different person and pretend like I don't want to light you and your thoughts and stubbornness on fire and hey man, don't be so defensive and unwind that counterproductive ego that only causes you to run away from things in life that you need to confront and now my grammar isn't even making sense but ugh. I'm just not in a great place right now. This must be how MTL felt after trading away their chance at a happy and successful club and fan base for a Scott Gomez who sometimes serves better to be burned alive than to play hockey.

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