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Originally Posted by Kadri43 View Post
I think you meant to say most likely or probably. For example, I could not say that Sidney Crosby will have more points than Kessel. I would say that Crosby will most likely have more points than Kessel.
That's because you're an idealistic homer who desperately searches for any possible view to make the leafs and their players seem better than they are despite fact and reality.

Originally Posted by iPunch View Post
Kessel - 82 points
Crosby - 37 points

Still think so? I think his point flew over your head.
Yeah, it was HIS point that was went over someone's head

Originally Posted by eyeball11 View Post
Should serve him well in the AHL?
Being a fantastic NHL player doesn't typically help them in the AHL, my mistake.

Originally Posted by Kadri43 View Post
You have no way of knowing that the aforementioned hypothesis is correct. Nonetheless, if the hypothesis turns out to be correct, you may support it but not give such an absolute answer. Furthermore, there are many other variables that could occur that could impact RNH's production. Anything could happen.

Originally Posted by Big McLargehuge View Post

AHL and NHL don't always correlate with stats. The third leading scorer in the AHL during the locked out season when the league was filled with players from that absurd 2003 draft was David Ling...a guy who had 3 points in 50 NHL games the season before. Other NHL greats such as Peter Sarno, Simon Gamache, Chris Taylor, Andy Hilbert, and Denis Hamel found their way into the top 10 of scoring that season. The top goalies were Steve Valiquette, Jason LaBarbera, and Adam Hauser.
Yeah NHL guys who weren't even completely proven yet like spezza, staal, cammalleri, and bergeron ended up having their stats correlate hockey. But hey whatever, just use random examples that don't properly correspond or allude to my point and completely miss what I was saying.


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