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Originally Posted by QuietCompany View Post
How easily can you get by in Sweden by just knowing English? I'd assume the majority of the country speaks it, don't know about signs/text.

Plus it wouldn't be hard to pick up on the basics, I learned a few quite easily just from kent songs and it's easier to pronounce or read for me at least than an Eastern European language or German or Finnish.
It is easy, as an native english speaker you'll pick up the language in no time. Knowing German/Dutch makes it a piece of cake (not to mention Norwegian and Danish of course).

Originally Posted by QnebO View Post
I've been in Sweden couple of times and as horrible swedish speaker I can confirm, that you do great there with English, not much to worry about there. First time in Sweden we were there with my dad when I was kid, dad didint speak much english or swedish, but little a bit of both thought. We got lost in Stockholm with car, trying to find a way to harbor so we could get onboard a ship and back to Helsinki. Even though't very slight skills in english and swedish, we ended up having a police motorbike to guide us through Stockholm to the harbor. They are very helpfull, if you can by any signs tell your problem.
Nice story, even finding a MC police is rare, a helpful one even rarer.

I have had a similar helpful experience in Helsinki involving hulk-like policemen and my daughter's teddybear which she had dropped some blocks away. The policemen were very kind.

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