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Originally Posted by Petes2424 View Post
Dont worry about the waivers. I believe it's only if your playing on rookie, easy or whatever it's called. I'm in 2028 and I've had no great players go through waivers.

I seem to get a lot of penalties for whatever reason, so it probably actually has something to do with how you play the game. I've seen people complain but it's ok.

Some of the hits are good. I use the R3 on playstation and it seems to work fine.

The player potential system seems to be completely random. I have guys who all of a sudden go up 10 pts a year and they've played little, etc. Im still screwing with it. Players do seem to take longer to develop. There's randoms that do progress quick though.

Editing is worse. If you make a trade and it effects your AHL team, it takes you to the roster/linup screen but wont let you in the AHL. You have to go with best lines, which completely screws everything up and then go re-edit.

INJURIES is my big issue. They've made it ridiculous. I literally had 5 players out for 2 months. Would finally get them back for a game or two and here come 5 more injuries. That was with medical fully purchased. I finally turned injuries off and am enjoying it more.

AI is also still a problem and it always will be. It is better in some areas but worse in others.

If you simply sim and never play, it's really no different except for the random growth system. If you play some of the games and enjoy that part, it's worth it.
Thanks for your breakdown, I've heard different opinions on some things but not everyone sees things the same way.

I will not be getting 13, not for a while and only if they release patches that really improves the game as it plays now. Just having to correct all the rosters and prospects, without the ability to do this without creating a whole bunch of players, is a pretty big deal for me.

I'll just sim the first season in 12 with trades and waivers off and go from there.

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