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Is anyone around? There's a decent Universal winger on the market. Auction ends in an hour- Hurtaj. I really wanted to bid, but I NEED to get a dman or two this season. Qs are 99O/83Sh/68Ps/91T/78A for an EQ of 87.75. 10M minimum bid is a bit high, but...

Originally Posted by Obryantj View Post
I used to play the college basketball sim at It's not as visually appealing as the powerplaymanager games, but it might be something you like. They also have a football game and a horse racing game, although I'm not really familiar with either.
I was really looking for something different. Not another team sport.

Originally Posted by suprvilce View Post
Does anyone know the correct tactics and countertactics for powerplay and penatly kill? I've been looking at some game reports and came up with one, not sure if it is correct though:

Shooting from the point > Passive box

Passive box > Overload

Overload > Diamond

Diamond > Umbrella

Umbrella > Active box

Active box > Shooting from the Point
I'm pretty sure canucks and the other Canucks worked something out a long time ago. I've know seen it posted somewhere. I just never bothered. I got 2 PP & 2 PK styles around 100% and was switching them randomly.

EDIT: canucks, that dude only has 371Qs (positional Qs added up. Yep, I just made that up). My boy Jurisic has 373Qs.
Kracitis is close with 366.
Cajko also has 371.
Strelis has 365.
Bulatovic has 374.

Damn. I've put together a pretty good team

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