Thread: Speculation: Winnipeg Jets 2013 Draft Talk
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09-26-2012, 11:31 AM
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Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16 View Post
In all honesty, the draft for 2013 shouldn't be held if there isn't going to be a season. Everyone one of the kids eligible for the 2013 draft should be declared a free agent and let what ever teams go after them. There wouldn't be any sort of bidding war because of the fact that there's already a rookie max salary scale in place. To have a draft when there isn't a season is ridiculous. Same with the 2005 draft. There shouldn't have been a draft either.
that's a terrible idea.

I don't see why not having a season should effect the draft. obviously who was best/worst should be factored in, and how they did it last time makes sense to me.

to just let anyone sign them (though i believe there is a cap even for performance bonuses on ELCs [mid 3.xx' mils i' believe?) goes exactly against what the NHL is locking out for....

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