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09-26-2012, 11:50 AM
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Originally Posted by DatBoyJPP View Post
No, it's overpowered. I can spam the button and any pass within 6 feet of me is automatically knocked down which leads to why the passing in this game is the worst it's ever been.
Saucer passes. Saucer passes. Saucer passes. They get through lanes almost all the time unless they're blocked by a body part.

You have to realize that with the improved skating engine, forwards got a huge boost due to the forwards vs. backwards speed/momentum differential. The reason the poke check seems so strong is because people try to beat defenders 1 on 1 or try tic-tac-toe passes on 2 on 2s rather than making smart plays like slowing up (either with an actual stop, or just by going into a glide to create space and forcing the defender to adjust) or sending the puck to the corner for an easy puck race win. The more you get the defenseman moving laterally, the less effective the poke check is - both in terms of actual poke checks off the stick, and deflecting passes.

The reality is that most players online look like Parise trying to deke a player 1 on 1, rather than Datsyuk. They either try to do quick back and forth stickhandling that's easy to angle off, or they do a poorly set up loose puck deke. They don't use open ice to make defensemen move side to side, and they don't exploit the space behind the defense. They almost NEVER take their finger off the left stick. Puck control is 5x better if you're gliding rather than skating. Even if you do get poked, you're more likely to retain the puck.

Aaaaaand I'll just leave this here. My best assist from my club team.

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