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09-26-2012, 11:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Reverend Mayhem View Post
I think very highly of you on this board and I respect you. I think your idea from a business standpoint is great for Katz. That said, give me some of what you are smoking. I think Katz will get it done for the Oilers. Too much promise for the Oilers squad to simply sell them to Seattle and buy Phoenix who is on the down-swing. Pocklington would look like Jesus in the minds of Edmontonites compared to Katz.

Again, it makes a lot of sense from a raw business standpoint but Katz would have a hell of a lot of explaining to do and find a new arena to be built.
Ha, ya, thanks... It was a joke more than anything... Would the league even allow that? It would seem pretty "Mickey Mouse" for a professional league...

It's my vote for being a great outcome (I dislike the Oilers, but would hate to see Edmonton without a team)... If I'm Katz, it is also perhaps my response to a city that seems entitled / brushing his Seattle tour off as simply a pressure tactic... Outlining this type of scenario (through an anonymous media source) would hit home "it's my team, I'm the owner, and I can do what I want with it - I should be allowed to make a lot of money off of it... The city will have the team that I allow the city to have"... Think there would be more fan pressure on the city to cave if an Edmonton reporter wrote an article on this? I think there might be...

If for some reason this unlikely scenario did happen, I imagine that the Edmonton hockey fans would, ultimately, consider it the lesser of two evils though - once the initial shock wears off - compared to having no NHL team at all...

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