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Originally Posted by Turbo
You make a good point and it's hard to answer without knowing the exact details. What is often done when a tear is discovered is an air bubble is injected in the eye - the patient must then keep his head down (lie on stomach, walk head tilted down) so that gravity pushes the air bubble up and helps keep the retina flat against the back of the eye. There are other techniques as well, like putting a brace around the eye to squeeze the eye towards the retina.

In Koivu's case, at least to the casual observer, it didn't look like anything like this was done when he spoke to the media last Friday. Since they say the surgery was successful, we can only assume the tear was small or in a position to not be deprived of too much oxygen. Then again, I don't think it's clear whether he'll regain his full range of vision when all's said and done (at least nobody in the Canadiens' organization has claimed as such). Best of luck to Saku!
Details weren't released about the type of retinopexy, although I would assume a pneumatic approach was taken. However, the detachment was complicated by a small tear, which might have been repaired with laser cauterization. Question: Would that result in scarring in a small segment of the retina?

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