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Originally Posted by JSavoire View Post
If we look at the Wolves and Bulls with parent owners then we should also add other teams to the mix like Rychels with kids on the teams or potential kids in the future be they extended family or their own kids outright. We know Gilmour has a kid that plays hockey, how about the Hunters, have they not had family of some sort through there? Walker have a kid in hockey? Anyone have more info on this situation as it kinda reminds me of the OPJHL.
Most team in this situation will always draft the kid of an owner / employee. However, let's look at this logically. CB should not have been drafted in 3rd round. He cannot be compared to Rychel (kid). Rychel was a legitimate 1st rounder. It is possible Barrie new what would happen...he would not want to play there, then trade to Windsor to stockpile their 1st round picks in 2011. Looks at Gilmour and Gill kids with Kingston...not even part of the preseason group and they are both better than CB - at least ranked higher.

To make things even worse, they gave up a 2nd and 4th round pick to get him. I think this is what is so frustrating is what we had to give up. He would have been there still if Sudbury wanted to use their next natural pick (4th round, I believe).

Now. People are saying he is not taking a spot. He did on Sunday's game - Heuter sat in the stands (Schutt and Desroachers were injured). As far as I know all will be back for their road trip...who sits in the stands so CB gets another game in?

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