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Originally Posted by Saugus View Post
And you'd much rather have 6 Salvadors, right?
hell yeah! i compared cosri numbers for colin white and bryce salvador, and compared them to martyís save percentage from December 13, 1999 through April 9th 2006. at that point, I multiplied by the Guamís 2008 GDP, divided by 0, and then added exponents of the number of children ryan carter illegitimately fathered to come up with this::

then, by plotting colin whites average skating time (3 lap minimum, 1 eye maximum) onto graphing paper, I learned nothing. finally, I had to create an algorithm that factored in peter deboerís tie in relation to Stanley nickels. oh, and donít even get me started on euclidean geometry! without that my undecacon would still be inversely proportional to my hypotenuse! GLAVIN

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