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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
Indeed. As far as I can remember, someone (not Olimb) gave Beach a slash during play. Beach thought it was Olimb, grabbed him and beat the **** out of him even though Olimb didn't want to fight, and continued beating on him way after refs stepped in with Olimb down. Keep in mind that Olimb is/was a 5'9"-5'10" skill player, not any kind of fighter, while Beach is generally listed at 6'3"-6'4". Very shortly after this fight, Beach jumped Olimb again, once again beat on him when he was on the ice, and this time gave him a shoulder injury that knocked him out of the camp. Fights in prospect camps are fine, but normally they're between two guys of similar size who like to fight, and even then the winner will let up once the fight is over. Beach has been called a headcase throughout his entire WHL and AHL career, and not without reason.

I can't find video of the 1st fight, but here's the aftermath, around the 14 second mark you can see how Beach continues to cheapshot Olimb when the fight is clearly over (Olimb down and turtling, refs trying to pull Beach away):

And here's the 2nd fight. Same deal, Beach jumps Olimb, beats the **** out of him, Olimb never even drops his gloves/stick, and Beach gives Olimb an extra shot when the refs are pulling him away:

Btw, I don't think Beach projects as a heavyweight fighter at the NHL level. He's a willing fighter, and can beat up on little guys, but he generally didn't do well against guys his own size in the WHL, even got knocked out and concussed in a few of his WHL fights IIRC.
Goddammit... defend yourself if someone's going at you and punching you. What good does it do Olimb to just sit there and take it. You're in an NHL camp and the refs aren't doing anything, how does it benefit you to keep your stick in your hand and gloves on and not stand up for yourself.

Beach was being a puke there and probably lost his mind and it's in no way excusable, but Jesus, stand up for yourself a little and maybe the refs might have came in. You have to protect and fend for yourself out there, he's basically inviting a guy who just lost his marbles to hurt him.

And just to clarify again, that was still a huge punk move by Beach.

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