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Originally Posted by I in the Eye View Post
Once things start going into "head games" territory, they tend to take on a life of their own... Katz's decision was probably a "head game" (from what I can tell, although I haven't been following it closely)... All it will take is for the city to respond with a "head game", and game on... Who knows what tangents follow... After all, wouldn't be the first time in professional sports a franchise in a good market gets moved... There's potentially a huge amount of money to be made, and Katz seems to be interested in making a lot of money (why the fight with the city)... Maybe the plan all along was to move the team to Seattle? Thus, high (unrealistic?) demands from the city... Having the team built in such a way that it is real attractive to sell - if a good opportunity for relocation came up...

Doesn't have to follow in the same year either... Oilers could be sold to Seattle... Year or two later, Coyotes (or another franchise) sold to Edmonton... Wonder if the city would be more inclined to cave to Katz's demands (and even more) after a year or two of no NHL hockey? Profit from the sale of the Oilers / Coyotes exchange + real nice arena deal that would otherwise be difficult to achieve without real pressure...

I'm not really justifying this... I'm more writing this for the benefit of any Oiler fan who may be passing by... To do my small part to build fear, and uncertainty... It's a bait, I admit it... It's written to try and build a small amount of doubt... I'm not seriously believing what I'm writing above...

Oiler fans have nothing to worry about (famous. last. words.)
What better way to build up fan base like Seattle then give them a team with up & coming stars? The draft lottery was rigged... but not to make the EDMONTON Oilers a better team... the Seattle Oilers on the other hand

Besides Bettman knows Edmonton has a loyal fan base, if they relocate the Oilers then give them the Coyotes in a year or 2 they will sell out & everyone is a winner.

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