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09-26-2012, 02:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Spex View Post
Exactly. When was the last time someone from the TEAM 1200 broke a news story or did a real in-depth investigative piece?

Has the TEAM 1200 ever been quoted by other agencies as a source of something? Have they ever been credited with anything?

I know journalism is a tough job and I give my hat off to them, but it would be nice to hear some new stuff/new angles on this station and not just stuff we’ve heard about 100 times from 100 different outlets.
There are no journalists there. They are sports personalities. The journalists they do have are for segments only. This is why the round table works so well. You have guys who no a lot more than the average fan so their opinions are worth more. Listening to Lee, JR, Steve, jason, Llyody are just a bit above the norm.

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