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Originally Posted by Ihmeilja View Post
Markus Granlund - Miikka Salomäki - Joel Armia
Miro Aaltonen - Aleksander Barkov - Artturi Lehkonen
Markus Hännikäinen - Teuvo Teräväinen - Toni Kallela
Henri Ikonen - Teemu Henritius - Matti Lamberg

Rasmus Ristolainen - Olli Määttä
Ville Pokka - Petteri Lindbohm
Patrik Parkkonen - Joonas Valkonen

Richard Ullberg
Janne Juvonen

Extra forward: Juuso Ikonen
Extra defender: Henri Auvinen
Extra goaltender: Samu Perhonen
I'm not saying that team doesn't look good and definitely plausible, but I'd like an elaboration on why you went for Kallela, H.Ikonen and Hännikäinen over Haapala, Salminen and Leino on forwards and Valkonen and Auvinen over Lindell and Vainonen in defense.

Because the way I see it, while any of those are by no means locks, I do see them in contention for the same slots, and at the moment they've got better showings IMO over the ones you picked. Sure, there's still hockey to be played before the team is named and things can change, but why like this as of now?

EDIT: My current picks, with reasonings:


Starter: Ullberg. Only one with somewhat regular SM-liiga minutes.

Backup: Juvonen. The showing in playoffs last spring puts him here.

Contenders: Korpisalo, Perhonen. Like Juvonen, both play in Mestis, stats currently pretty interchangeable.


OD: Määttä, Ristolainen, Pokka and Lindell. First three are no-brainers. Lindell takes the last slot, for currently playing in SM-liiga and having a good frame.

Contenders: Tikkinen, Valkonen. Tikkinen hasn't been bad, only reason I picked Lindell over him is frame. Valkonen needs to make it to SM-liiga or put up good show in preliminary NT games.

DD, utility: Vainonen, Lindbohm, Parkkonen. First two have a good frame, Vainonen has had a good run with U18, Lindbohm at least currently in SM-liiga, as is Parkkonen. Stats interchangeable.

Contenders: Auvinen. Needs to play somewhere first to compare.


1st line: Salomäki - Granlund - Armia. 'Nuff said. Whether you want to switch LW/C between Salomäki and MaG is up to you.

2nd line: Lehkonen - Barkov - Haapala. Lehkonen is a bit young, but he keeps this up, he'll be hard to ignore. Haapala looks like a natural fit with Barkov ATM.

3rd line: Aaltonen - Teräväinen - J.Ikonen. Well, more like a 2B line. Aaltonen, Ikonen play together (and produce) in Blues. Ikonen, Teräväinen are a tandem from U18.

Contenders for skill roles: Kallela. Has intense scoring in A-juniors. Not so impressive showings from men, at least yet. Still, a plausible pick for 13th forward.

4th line: Lamberg - Leino - Salminen. Lamberg and Salminen currently make the Jokerit 4th line wings. Leino is a Kiva-Harri familiar from last season. SM-liiga regular as well, while skilled offensively can play the defensive game as well.

Contenders: Hännikäinen, H.Ikonen. Hännikäinen was with the team last year, but for some reason he's in KiVa now while other Jokeri contenders for same role, Salminen and Lamberg are with the big team. H.Ikonen - good frame, fast, pesky. But doesn't bring anything special to the team. Necessary to haul a 4th liner from overseas?

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