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09-26-2012, 03:47 PM
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Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
Didn't see it posted anywhere, but Mikhail Pashnin got crushed by a high hit a week and a half ago. I can't find any information on how badly he's hurt, but needless to say he hasn't played since the incident.

5:35 mark.
Looked like a clean hit to me appeared to have his arms down, didn't leave his feet. Hopefully Pashnin is alright.

That said, I would never, ever want to have a Rangers prospect play in the KHL. Pashnin just got completely lit up, and definitely has some sort of neck/head injury. In this case, his head should be COMPLETELY stabilized and immobilized by a neck brace. You can see him moving his head around on the spine board as he is being taken out!

Now maybe he doesn't have a neck injury and he is fine, but if he had some sort of fracture and was moving his head around like that, one wrong move and that is instant paralysis from the neck down. After seeing this and the tragedy that was Chere, I don't want a prospect playing in a league where the "medical staff" are so uneducated. That is a disgraceful performance by the medical staff.

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