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05-08-2006, 03:51 PM
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Originally Posted by toomanymen
Jumping to conclusions? How about observing an established record? I'm a Knights fan and I hated how people apologized for Danny Bois when he was our captain. He was a dirty, cheap shot artist, nothing more. Same with Downie. Interesting how his effectiveness in the OHL is lessened compared to the WJC where for some reason players are allowed to skate full speed from the blue line in and lay the body on defensemen and then have rose petals tossed at their feet.

Belan was penalized for them. Downie was not. You must have also missed all of Downie's little antics on Schremp at faceoffs (i.e. pushing helmet down from the back etc.). This was reported to me by my buddy who is a Pete's fan and was at the game. He is what he is, a s**t disturber, no more, no less. Don't compare his antics to anything Schremp does, the talent doesn't compare. Some people sing in the shower, doesn't make them a recording artist...
Yes, people jump to conclusions everytime he does something. I've heard people say he should be locked up, some people say he's psychologically disturbed, an idiot reporter from Philadelphia compared him to a convicted rapist. You're definitely right, he's a **** disturber, but he's also a talented hockey player and a ferocious competitor. Those things are usually lost in these discussions.

And as far as "his effectiveness in the OHL is lessened compared to the WJC" do you figure that? He has a goal and three assists in two close victories over the top regular season team. I don't know about you, but 4 points in two games is pretty good in my books, especially given how deep Peterborough is.

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