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PS3 - GM Connected (Looking for 1 good player for SJS team, details on page 9)

I've tried joining numerous GM Connected leagues, most failed, I was hoping that I'd find numerous people interested on these boards. Since there's no hockey, I'd ask that the Mods please keep this thread active until we've filled the 30 teams (if that's at all possible).


1. No glitching, quitting of games. If you believe that your opponent unfairly won/quit out of a game/did anything shady, please contact me via PM on the boards or on PSN (xShabutie)

2. All players must regularly be online. If a player is not active every few days, he may be asked to leave the league.

3. Do not sim a game unless the player you're scheduled to play against OR the commissioner has given you the go ahead. This also means that you should not be playing games until the team you're supposed to play against has signed up and Activated by the Commish.

Unofficial Rule:

4. Please try to keep with the integrity of the NHL. No OVER-THE-TOP trades if at all possible....we won't prevent them, but seeing as this will likely be our NHL season, let's try to keep things as realistic as possible.


Monday - Thursday: 2 week period of hockey (6-8 games). All of your games must be played by Friday @ 12:00AM. All games left unplayed will be simmed by the commish.

Friday - Sunday: 2 week period of hockey (6-8 games). All of your games must be played by Monday @ 12:00AM. All games left unplayed will be simmed by the commish.

So that's it. Here are a current list of the teams, their Hfboards username (if applicable) and their PSN IDs. To sign up, simply state the team you'd like and your PSN ID, so I can approve the correct user with their team of choice.

The league name is: NHLGM11

Team - Hfboards Username - PSN ID

Anaheim Ducks - habsfantoronto - Jeddy4
Boston Bruins - N/A - teamup182
Buffalo Sabres - fsaddiq - OpiumKING
Calgary Flames - N/A. (xXPrIcEisRiGhTXx's friend) - arm0assass1n
Carolina Hurricanes - SonicY - warhero3577
Chicago Blackhawks - Shabutie - xShabutie
Colorado Avalanche - Blayzer - B1oodshot27
Columbus Blue Jackets - Pillow - MKCheungHK
Dallas Stars - TAKEN
Detroit Red Wings - N/A - Sharkones
Edmonton Oilers - Oil Change - Fugitive-Mind
Florida Panthers - Markyyboy - Markyyboy
Los Angeles Kings - TAKEN
Minnesota Wild - Flying Knee - Caacrinolaas
Montreal Canadiens - Mindthread - Mindthread
Nashville Predators - N/A (scotto11's friend) - gooser23
New Jersey Devils - D3ADLY - Deadly__Prince
New York Islanders - N/A - Shutthedoor
New York Rangers - HabsFanFromOntario - TurtleNeckPlek
Ottawa Senators - senorchang - obaidsgtag
Philadelphia Flyers - donghabs98 - dong1998
Phoenix Coyotes - mitch27 - mbrandner
Pittsburgh Penguins - PensGM - Supamario83
San Jose Sharks - AVAILABLE
St. Louis Blues - Cheerme - Xelathebest
Tampa Bay Lightning - N/A (habsfantoronto's friend) - hungrylake8
Toronto Maple Leafs - 18leafsfan18 - j-lef18
Vancouver Canucks -
Washington Capitals - Muskoka 5 - HarmonicTorture
Winnipeg Jets - Latz - nocode19

*Note that the users that do not have an Hfboards username are personal friends of mine, if you are trying to reach them to play your game, send me a Private Message so I can call/text them.

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