Thread: OT: How is hockey in NC?
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09-26-2012, 07:00 PM
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Originally Posted by wisssh View Post
In Raleigh area the A and B levels have all the talent you can handle as there are
players that played Pro, College and high level junior. You will suck wind!
Yeah I didn't see THAT high a level when I played a few years back, but it was pretty good hockey nonetheless.
Funny story - when I first started playing in Raleigh, it was a Saturday night league at the IcePlex off of Capital. First game, I walk into the dressing room and the only guy there looks like the comic book shop guy from the Simpsons and he's fully dressed already. Only guy there. "Do you play hockey" he asks me...oh boy. What the hell is THIS going to be like. I guess it was my fault, I played down my ability a little bit when the league organizer asked me...had played about 3 times/year in the previous 4 years so i wasn't exactly confident that I was going to be any good. Well...the Saturdsy night league was...confidence boosting. Probably averaged three goals per game, we were easily the best team despite having three good players.
Now a year later when I joined the A-B league at RecZone, now we're talking. That's pretty decent hockey. The funniest thing was that there was all this talk about these young guys that every team had, like 19 and 20 year olds, and that they were so much better than anyone. And invariably, they'd be just ok. They'd have all the moves, like sick Playstation NHL moves, but after that they couldn't score. It was pretty funny. Anyways. That's my story.

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