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Originally Posted by Heffernan View Post
Politics, wars, arrogant people, etc...

Was Eric allowed to go to shower with the rest of that team?
I dunno. Your posts are coming off kind of bi-polar now. Do you exempt Minnesota from this view you have of America, and if so, why did you ask whether Haula was accepted or not? (I know you said in jest, but....) Why would you want to live here if we fit your above-posted perception?

Inquiring minds here I'm sure would like to know.

In my POV Minnesota is in a lot of ways different than the rest of the country. Politically we are a "purple" state (combine red and blue, you get purple). Liberal governor, conservative House and Senate; extremely liberal U.S. Senators in Franken and Klobuchar; extremely conservative Representative in Bachmann. We voted in a very rare Independent in Ventura in '98. We were one of only two states to vote against Reagan twice (I know Mondale was part of that rarity, yes). We also had more delegates go to Paul this year than anyone else for the conservative ticket. (Paul is about as rare a politician you will find and he did very well here back in '08 as well.)

But, I digress, and I don't know if political talk is allowed here or not so I won't go into what I think and/or stand for.

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