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Originally Posted by bland View Post
It's not being "handwaved over" - it falls squarely under the heading of No One Cares, in the sub-folder marked "Howson's Research Failures".
And that "no one cares" would be just fine if folks just left it at that instead of using it as justification for the usual insane contentless fact-free blather about the Blue Jackets. See also: the whole damn point of this thread.

Originally Posted by bland View Post
Carter pouted. Yeah, it's unprofessional. Carter might possibly act immature and unprofessional at the best of times? Sure caught everyone but Howson and Co. by surprise when he didn't handle that trade all that well. In LA's he is right where he wants to be - no pressure of having to lead, just scoring the occasional goals. I'm betting he gets 40+ in the next full season in this enviornment.
There's a vast, vast difference between "unhappy but plays anyways" (which we have seen several times here) and "unhappy and hardly bothers to show up" (which is what Carter gave us).

The former should have been predictable. The latter would be predicted only by the hyperpessimistic and the insane.

Originally Posted by bland View Post
If you don't think that your team's braintrust thouroughly screwed that pooch by first making the trade, then allowing him to wallow in it without any other action than catering to his trade whims, boy, you have a lot of confidence in a group that sure seems like it doesn't know what it is doing.
"Without any other action"? Scott Arniel lost his job because he couldn't turn that situation around. Don't give me this "they did nothing else" garbage.

Originally Posted by bland View Post
In LA a few years ago Dean Lombardi was very vocal about staying out of the Dany Heatley sweepstakes because he didn't think his young group was in the right frame of mind yet to deal with that kind of personality. And Heatley didn't have the same kind of baggage Carter was carrying. Howson could very easily have made the same determination about his roster, which in retrospect you will admit weren't prepared to deal with that kind of personality conflict.
This much is partially true (although the Heatley comparison is a bit excessive), and is something Howson should have - to a degree - anticipated. But that only explains the general downturn. It does not explain Carter being the laziest player on NHL ice anywhere for 33 games.

I am not claiming that Howson is somehow free of culpability for making the Carter deal. I am saying, however, that he made a calculation that might have been reasonable, failed in that, and then watched as things turned eleventy billion times worse than anyone could have ever imagined because Carter decided to be a snotty child instead of a professional hockey player. By contrast, Lombardi had to make a similar calculation that Carter would rebound as soon as he was reunited with his BFF, took that risk, and it worked out better than anyone could have realistically imagined.

I maintain that if Carter had gone to any other team in the League his career would be on the ropes by now.

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Originally Posted by JesusBouillon View Post
Scott Howson got the reputation he has now because of the revelations he made at the deadline. It's not a small mistake, it's a terrible blunder made out of a lack of judgement and it will cost the Jackets for years to come, you just don't undermine the value of your franchise player before trading him.

You bring up some nice points in your post OP, but I'm still convinced Howson shouldn't be a GM in the NHL.
To be fair, I think we can and probably should do better as well. That trade deadline press conference had a similar affect on my faith in the guy (and is why Mayor Bee now goes by "The Last Howsonite" despite my being the one to start this thread ).

That said, the folks being picked up since have a much more coherent built-in team identity thing going, and so I'm kind of curious as to how that experiment goes first. And I strongly object to folks characterizing him as some sort of drooling moron, or the Worst Evar. Hell, he's not even the worst ever GM in franchise history.

* * *
Originally Posted by 7even View Post
But that's impossible to predict. Joffrey Lupul and Phil Kessel play a very similar game (pure scoring) and would both ostensibly need a playmaker in between them, yet they were one of the highest scoring duos in the league last year. Sometimes similar styles complement each other and sometimes they don't. Unfortunately for Columbus, they're a walking testament to Murphy's Law.
Heh. Last year's law was basically "even if it couldn't possibly go wrong, it will."

Remember - when you're a hockey fan, it's not "reckless driving", it's "good forechecking".
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