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The quality of sticks these days is amazing. Absolutely unbelievable how good they are.
Is it worth it? Absolutely not.
Don't get me wrong, a better stick will make a player (with a high level of skill) better.
However, you have to ask yourself "am I good enough for this to really matter???"
I see a lot of kids out there with sticks that are too good for them.
Often found in young kids, the children get the idea that "the stick will do the work." There is also the fact that with kids, the player who has the high end stick is cool lol.

However, in the case of one of the best players I've ever played with - Brandon (I've played with Corey Perry, Sam Gagner, and Patrick Kane as well) he never had a good stick growing up. His family was very poor, and he could only afford wood sticks. He hated it then, but loves that he did now. He used wood up until he was 18 (when we all told him to get with the times) and since the team paid for the sticks, he caved.

The point is, if you can't afford it - the benefit of having such an amazing stick is not worth the money! Choose one that costs less! It will be heavier and more durable. And when you can finally afford a good stick, you might just be skilled enough to notice the subtle differences that make it such a good stick.

PS: The kid I was talking about has his own YouTube channel now ...@MindPuckHandler.
I can't believe some of the **** he does...makes it look so easy.

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