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Originally Posted by garnetpalmetto View Post
Also for all the intercollegiate ribbing that goes on here, I think we can all agree on one thing: Thank God we're not Tennessee right now:
Saw that in the paper here today, so epic on so many levels lol.

Originally Posted by DaveG View Post
... what the ****? I mean I was one hell of a drunk in college, but who the hell would try to get drunk like that?
Calgary can one up that, beat this story Tennessee.

Long story short, cops in Calgary are looking for an overweight, balding, white guy in his 40's who, while completley naked, rode around on a bicycle, knocked over a 21 year old girl walking her dog and groped her before she was able to fight him off. Only thing that wouldda made it better is if it were a unicycle.

And don't forget about our thriving black market animal parts trade

EDIT: So I got Washington to beat Stanford and Okie State to beat Texas, someone give me a third crazy game to bet on, I need a min of three to buy a win//loss ticket and gosh darnnet, I'm gonna hit one of these at some point

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