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Originally Posted by MagicSlap View Post
Really, complaining about Toews and other stars trying to help the union? The whole point is that it is a UNION, they are on the same side (more than I can say for the owners) and they are the most influential members of that union. Are people really going to care or is the public at large even going to know if Adam Burish or someone like that is the poster boy of the union? No, it's called doing what's best for the people on your side, he's not saying what he is to get more money for himself and the other stars, he's doing it so that the vast majority of non-stars in the league get a better shake.

Whether or not you agree with the players or owners, it's silly to say that Toews is doing a bad thing by sticking up for his union and fellow players.
He's doing right by his group, but he's not helping his perception on the whole. He should take care of his own behind closed doors. He's not helping the union and he risks hurting his image (which many players have done the last few stoppages). They elect leadership to handle the media on these issues.

I'll continue to cringe every time a player speaks up with their biased perspective. The owners conceded the PR battle in my opinion, the players should shut up and walk away with it before they do any damage to themselves in terms of fan perception and marketability.

Here's one of Toews' quotes:
“It’s frustrating that it got to this point to begin with. This should’ve been resolved a long time ago,” Jonathan Toews said. “Everyone’s frustrated. It’s an unnecessary position to be in. As players we’re doing what we have to do. We’ve done our part. We’re waiting for (the NHL) to do theirs.”
There are many parts of that quote that are either really tough to argue (meaning wrong to most people) or parts that are poorly worded (assuming he meant something different than what I took from it). Toews has some other quotes that he probably should have kept to himself. Whining isn't very marketable, and he's made a few useless whiny/argumentative public comments now.

There was no reason to say that stuff, frustrated or not, because many people will have a tough time buying all of his comments. No gain for Toews and no gain for the PA.

On the other hand, here's a more carefully worded Kaner quote:
"You always want to be positive and hope for the best. Hopefully they can figure it out," Kane said. "It's tough saying the same things over and over. We all want to play hockey. Waiting's not fun, but it's really the only option we have right now."
Boring, vanilla, whatever. He responded and kept it a little more professional. I consider that the more likable and professional approach even if he's wiping with Bettman toilet paper and has a Daly fathead for a long as we don't see those things.

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