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09-27-2012, 12:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Drop the Sopel View Post
Booth returned very very little one year ago. If you think he showed enough last season to significantly raise his stock, so be it. I didn't see what you saw. Were other GM's also out of touch with what similar level players are getting around the league and that played into the fact he returned next to nothing of value?

Where do you rank Booth as far as Canuck wingers go? Do you think he's a more valuable two-way forward than Higgins and Hansen?

I could care less what Booth returned. It has no bearing on _my_ evaluation of his on-ice play. As to the GMs, who can say? Tallon signed Campbell for 7m plus, Huet for 5m+, and forgot to file qualifying papers for his RFAs on time... GMs can do stupid things. I feel that Booth was had for a song, and that feeling hasn't changed.

As to where I rank him among the wingers: I rank him 3rd overall here. Above both Higgins and Hansen. For confirmation, I recommend going to the Booth vs. Higgins poll on the Polls board, where I voted Booth over Higgins. (Note: Burrows and Higgins are my two favourite players on the team btw)

My primary reason for voting that way is Booth's G/60 rating. He scores at a very strong rate. It places his scoring with some pretty elite company like Rick Nash, Brad Richards, Jeff Carter and Anze Kopitar. (Reference link here: Simply put, while Higgins and Hansen may be more rounded talents, Booths scoring ability is something they can't match. He maintains this while having his percentage dip below 10% sometimes as well. So you know he's _not_ a sniper relying solely on the quality of his shot.

The Canucks absolutely did their homework when going after Booth. These are traits your average GM won't weight properly. As such, it was/is a great way to find deals on undervalued talent.

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