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09-26-2012, 11:41 PM
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Originally Posted by ahmon View Post
Agreed, Perry would instantly be our most dynamic forward.

A forward that can score, pass, and more importantly have the size to produce in traffic and in front of the net.

His offensive ability would allow the canucks to basically have two strong lines, with the twins on one line, and kesler/perry on the other.

He's a player you pay a premium for, and considering how much we are paying ballard/malhotra, Its a no brainer you make room for a player like that.

The question is not should we target Perry, it's if hes willing to come here.

You forgot to add: Is he willing to re-sign? That's the the primary question. If he's not willing to do that with ANA, the team that drafted him, the team that he won the cup with, why is he choosing to do it here?

Oh, and is he willing to buy into the "cap-covenant" when doing so? If Gillis goes over the Sedin cap, is he still willing to take less overall to make the team stronger as a whole? Is he willing to buy in? If so, why is he going to do that instead of ANA?

These are the questions.

Originally Posted by ahmon View Post
Booth is a one-trick pony. a speedster that crashes the net.

average hockey sense, almost no playmaking ability, and not a strong defensive player.

Hes your typical 2nd line tweener. I don't think hes a top 6 forward on a contender.

On a weak team, yeah hes a top 6 forward.

Wrong about the defensive play. I'd say he's definitely underrated in that regard.

What 2nd line tweeners have a G/60 that rival some of the best 1st line forwards in the game? Give me that type of tweener any day, contender or not.

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