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Originally Posted by Reverend Mayhem View Post
I'm not sure that's a fair comparison. Hodgson's shot is fantastic. We saw it against Boston and Detroit. I believe there were many OHL coaches that said he had the best shot in the league in 2008-09 (note the absence of Stamkos) but, has actually had his shot compared to Stamkos by others as well. I don't remember who said it, I want to say Bob McKenzie but he said the difference between Stamkos and Hodgson was Stamkos' explosive speed. I don't think he meant Hodgson was in the same ballpark as Stamkos offensively though, my recollections tend to get hazy sometimes when I'm pulling stuff off the top of my head.

Schroeder has a good wrist shot, but yes I'd say shot not as good as Hodgson, but much better playmaker than Hodgson.

I said Hodgson's shot was better. He also goes to the net better than Schroeder.

The key difference is the preference of Schroeder to make plays and pass up his shot, while Hodgson is more selfish. Hodgson is more direct in his game. So he will find a way to attack the net, while Schroeder will elect to pass.

All that said, as 701 pointed out, Schroeder shot much more this past season. He should be able to score more as a result. Let's hope he translates some that to the NHL. Again, the key difference to me is the shot quality + shooting intent of Hodgson vs. the shot inaccuracy + preference to pass of Schroeder.

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