Thread: Confirmed with Link: Habs select Charles Hudon - 122nd overall
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09-27-2012, 02:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Koivu 11 View Post
thats exactly opposite IMO. Hudon is amazing because he is the most complete and competitive player on the ice. He is soooo ahead in terms of technical skills for his age it's crazy. The way he plays his angles, protects the puck, steals the puck, and converts the little size he has into power when he needs it is very Datsyuk/Karlsson like (imo 2 of the best technical players in the league) their stickwork and every movement is so effecient it allows him to apply his top flight hockey sense and everything appears to slow down for him this way and he creates plays. Much more Giroux like than Briere who is much more of a permiter, "rely on his raw hands alot more" types of players, especially (and which is what rly matters) if you compare them at the same points in their careers.

Also, the reason he may seem more like a Briere this year with the flash and dangles is because he is so much better than the competition at this point he can just hold onto the puck and go end to end on these guys.
Dude I like your optimism and everyone's including mine but to compare him to NHL players is just hilarious. Yes he seems like a great prospect but don't forget he is mostly playing against guys that won't make it past the Q league. RELAX. Corey Locke says hi

And wtf is this a DD thread of a Hudon thread?

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