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09-27-2012, 04:21 AM
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Originally Posted by LarmerSavardSecord View Post
I can't believe this statement. Our great leader, you all say, should just shut up and play.

Look man, there's real money out there in the balance. Why shouldn't Toews fight for every dollar for his side like he fights for every puck on the boards?

Leadership, as it impacts performance of the team, is not being a company stooge saying all the right things, it's having the guys with the skates believing in you. This is exactly the time when Toews should step up.

Remember the owners are locking out the players - the players are not striking. The lockout is over a deal the owners dictated, and since have seen a 50% increase in revenues.
Agree completely. Props to young guys like Crosby, Toews and Backes stepping up for their side this lockout.

Originally Posted by Blackhawkswincup View Post
No one was pleased except owners

And unlike NFL the NHL is not printing money. NHL wont cave in

Every offer will be worse ,, Fehr has has the idiots in NHLPA thinking they can win this fight when the reality is they wont
I agree that the cards are stacked against the players. But what do you suggest they do? Not fight and take whatever is offered to them by the owners?

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