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09-27-2012, 04:39 AM
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Originally Posted by WantEggRoll View Post
Might I point out again that Develano is also one of the "cows" he was referring to. Develano is a member of the front office who is also paid by the owners. The only non-"cows" are the likes of Eugene Melnyk and the other 28 owners.

Just a quick comment on NHL players short careers as well. Now I'm going to make an assumption that 100k is a pretty good salary for your average person that went through four years of university and perhaps an additional stint of two-four years in some specialty school. Compare that to the lowest salary of 525K for an NHL player.

In ONE year they make about 5x what a normal highly educated person would. So after about four years they've essentially made 20 years worth of salary. If the average career of an NHLer is about 7 years that is the same as working for 35 years in a normal job.

Now take a player like Jason Spezza who essentially makes as much as a person would in 70 years in just one year of hockey. I'm sorry but I don't feel bad for any of these guys when it comes to their short careers and squabbles over money.
It's not that cut and dry.

Someone making half a million or more pays a much higher percentage of their income in taxes. There are also higher expectations both professionally and privately - Gary Roberts charges upwards of $10k for the total package of training/nutrition, etc, players also pay out of pocket for a significant amount of ice and gym time, and, of course, as a famous/wealthy person, there are much higher security expenses (especially in teh US and for families) as well. And let's not forget charities; these guys are all but required to hand over a big chunk of change to nearly anyone at their door with hat in hand. And let's not forget the frequent moving expenses - especially for journeymen.

Then you figure most guys are out of the league by 35. That money has to last one hell of a long time.

Sure, guys who plan it right are sitting pretty, but a lot of them aren't. I seriously doubt PJ Stock, for example, wanted to star in a Depends commercial. Most of these guys don't have all that much of an education, and a lot of them end up putting their money into terrible investments (Phillips may not be so keen on his beer bar in a few years when it's out of business) - or have it stolen outright.

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