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09-27-2012, 09:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Johnny Utah View Post
I don't know about Johnson...would they really leave all the enforcing to Nolan and Clune? Those dudes are light heavies or middles at best. I would think they keep JJ around.

Robert Czarnik had only 8 goals last year and Meckler only 10, I would think one of them goes to the ECHL...Legein has been a AHL'er for awhile...Maybe Weal?
Justin Johnson is 6'0" 220
Rich Clune is 5'10" 207
Jordan Nolan is 6'3" 227

Johnson may be the best fighter of the bunch but Nolan and CLune are servicable and it's not like Johnson is huge. None of the three are heavyweights and there aren't many true heavyweights in the AHL, thus why Johnson can "fake it" well enough and survive as a heavy.

I do agree though that I think Johnson makes it and somebody like Meckler is sent to Ontario.

Speaking of Ontario, is anyone else surpised by the lack of the usual guys like Jordan Hill, Chris Cloud, J.D. Watt that would be injury call ups but spend the bulk of the season on the Reign?

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