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09-27-2012, 08:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Dr Quincy View Post
Giant hindsight there my friend. Lashoff's age when traded 22. Caron's age now. 22. Caron's NHL games played 71 Lashoff's NHL games when traded 46 (in an unquestionably harder position).

Don't know if you were here when Karsums as in Providence, but you are seriously selling him short. Karsums was a highly thought of prospect who had a 60 pt season in Providence as a 21 year old. He was right there as a prospect with Krejci. I'd be willing to be you that Spooner won't put up the numbers in Providence this year that Karsums did in his first year.

Of course now it looks like we traded 2 nothings, but.....

you are making my point.

Odds are the prospects you are dealing away are never going to be as good as Morrow is right now. Trading one of them for a guy who is a consumate team player, character guy AND get Thomas' contract off the book? ANd the guy is 33, not 41.

No brainer if you ask me.
Honestly, it isn't hindsight, I never liked Lashoff and I thought Karsums needed more time. I didn't even think much of the deal at the time, I thought the best piece in the deal was the 2nd rounder, I thought it was a couple of never weres for a has been and the 2nd round pick was the most valuable thing in that deal.

I am glad I was wrong about Recchi and I could easily be just as wrong about what Morrow would bring to the team, I just really like Caron and Spooner, I would rather keep those two over Knight, Khokhlachev, Suave(my pick as a complete bust), I think I like Ferlin more than those guys, I'm not quite sure just yet about that though.

Moving Thomas' contract makes it worth moving Caron for Morrow because it enables the Bruins to add other pieces as well with the cap space that is left over but otherwise I want the Bruins to keep both Caron and Spooner.

I am not in a hurry to see the Bruins rush out and trade prospects for players at the end of their careers when it really isn't clear to me that one guaranteed year of Morrow is going to be significantly better than Caron. It might be, I am not sold on Morrow being the same player he was, I just don't think he is. That doesn't mean he won't be an upgrade over Caron in some aspects of the game because it is obvious that he would be in all the so called "intangible" areas. My problem is who else is going to be available, will Iginla be available? If the Bruins make a trade for Morrow now and trade Thomas' contract, does that take them out of the running for a chance at Iginla?

I just don't know the answers to these and would rather see the Bruins play it safe with the prospects I see something in, I want the Bruins to hold off on the Morrow's of the world unless the price is really just right and I want to see them make a really big addition even if it is at the deadline and purely a rental. If they move Caron and/or Spooner now, there isn't going to be a heck of a lot left in the system to trade at the dealine and if they move Thomas' contract now and use the space, they won't be able to use it at the deadline.

Maybe I am crazy, but I just have a hunch we will see the Bruins make a big move later in the season, but after they find out how Horton will do in his return.

I guess there has to be a season first though.

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