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09-27-2012, 09:03 AM
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So I know I've pimped Goozex in the past but the site is dead. You can still sign up, but nobody is trading games anymore. I think the site was supposed to get purchased and the owners bailed and now everyone is freaked out. Nobody is sending in games because they don't want to get stuck with points when the site finally shuts down.

The points were roughly worth $5 per 100 and people like me are stuck with 3,000 of them. Now a year ago, you could get a bunch of older games at 100-200 points each, but because nobody is trading, they keep raising the point values of games. So Uncharted is $30, Bioshock is $25, just ridiculous point levels. And the wait for the games is super long because nobody is sending out games anymore.

Just a heads up so nobody gets burned out there.

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