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Originally Posted by Dan-o16 View Post
The NHL wants the CBA such that even their weakest franchises are guaranteed to turn a profit without revenue sharing. This is the only issue in the CBA. Everything else is a distraction.
Then one has to ask, is that only achieved by having the players take a paycut at this point in time?

If I'm a player, I'm surely not buying it.

If I'm a player, I nonetheless know it's not getting better anywhere else on the planet, even after the paycut. Principle or not, one has to wonder if 'getting a wee bit shafted' still isn't the best route to go?

As for union politics, be they those in the States or those in i.e. Europe, I think people have a wide range of opinions on what unions are and have become since the day and age when they were first created and workers had little to no true rights (i.e. in the industrial revolution).

Obviously, there are plenty who feel unions in some industries have ultimately abused the powers that prior generations had faught so hard to gain in the first place. But I digress...

They're obviously worried about their skills diminishing, and they're also addicted to competition. I find it ironic that fans love players who always compete and never take shifts off, but complain when these same players feel the need to find a place to compete at a high level during a lockout. The same character trait that produces Crosby's compete level requires him to find competition in the face of a lockout. It's not so hard to understand.
Whereas I do understand all of this thoroughly, I truly think there's too much hypocrisy involved in playing in another league for a small percentage of what you'd earn in the NHL, much less for free, risking serious injury in the process, because you and your union feel you should be getting, for example, 50% of the pie instead of 45% of the pie.

In addition, what are Kopitar and Berglund doing in Sweden's second division? What are Simmonds and Stewart doing in Germany's second division? These are ECHL style leagues where many players are earning little more than 1000-2000 Euros a month, so these NHLers certainly are not just simply keeping their skills fresh and on par with top competition.

They're arguably doing little more than a publicity stunt while maybe taking a job, but no less than ice time, from their 'hockey player brethren' who, again, could only dream of being where they are and have been.

If they want to keep themselves honed and their skill-level up, well then why not organize high-level practices and games with other locked-out NHLers whereever they're spending their time while being locked out? Their NHLPA could organize that, right? In towns like Montreal and Toronto, they could even get a license and start charging for entry - people in those towns would come in droves to see NHLers playing shinny.

Whatever, as a fan, I could generally care less about what happens to their 'competitive drive' during a lockout. In my book, that doesn't override the above-mentioned circumstances.

In any case, things are as they are and I'm ready for the year being lost. Heck, if I make it to Russia for the WJC, which could even be quite exciting knowing that boys like Strome and Reinhart could be in attendance there for Team Canada. There might even be another player or two from the Islanders system (say, Pedan?). Obviously a couple of other big-time talents will be on hand if the NHL season is lost.

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