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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
So the difficulty of officiating certain sports should play no factor in what you have to say? Thats ridiculous. Hockey is, by far, the fastest sport in the world. I'd like to see you or anyone else be "consistent" with so much action going on at any given time. Football is a tough sports to officiate as well, but theres 7 refs on the field and constant breaks in the action. Its a distant 2nd to hockey in terms of difficulty to officiate.
The conversation was never about which sport was most difficult to officiate. Soccer could easily take the cake in that discussion with one ref on the field.

Hockey, you get two refs and a linesman at all times to watch players. You have three guys to cover 10 players(11 if you want to count the goalie). Despite the fact that Hockey is fast, its not fast all the time. You also have WAY more parity and subjectiveness on how rules are to be enforced in Hockey.

Football you have 22 players and a MUCH more stringent convoluted rules system, with players going full speed every play. There is an infraction on almost every football play.

Is football as physically demanding on refs as hockey? No, its not. But football refs have to keep on an eye on a larger group of players who can extend over a larger playing area with more difficult rules to enforce.

Personally, I think the difficulty to officiate the sports is about the same between football and hockey. But the quality of officials is MUCH higher with the NFL than the NHL. Hell, there are linesman in the NHL than can't even properly call an offsides.

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